Sandstone Restoration

Your masonry matters to us…

Stone repairs in sandstone have been carried out by AJStone for almost 20 years.  Their foremost artisan, Andy Johnstone, has worked with traditional sandstone building techniques since he was an apprentice.

He has continued enhancing his skills throughout his career by studying at a variety of establishments including Scottish Lime Cente Trust.

The approach taken by AJStone for stone restoration is always a combination of preservation and repair, in Andy’s own words “The skill is knowing when to stop working a repair”.

The intention of AJStone is to respect the stonework and the masons who orginally worked the stone to create the building, in order to keep these edifices alive for many more decades to come.

All the bespoke stone repair work carried out by AJStone utilises the correct sympathetic materials which complement the building they are being used on, this includes real lime mortars and Lithomex which are always supplied by Masons Mortars of Edinburgh.